Mirror Sites & System Backup/Upgrade

DirtyNewZealand program information can be accessed on here (Click) , the GhostFolder on DropBox.com . New Zealand visitors right click " Click" to save the DropBox link address, to get a backup of the DirtyNewZealand Program website, just in case.

All the data stored on any our internet-based server are available to the public. Anyone can access to it, and have server information, server technical data, internet activity record by sending us formal data request letter in email.

We have backup servers in Australia,  Japan, the U.S. , Canada, Australia, China,  Taiwan, S.Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Finland, and even in the sea of Pacific Ocean.

If your communication with our servers or any our corporate member's servers DOESN'T go smoothly,  you may want to utilize "proxy" or " VPN" to en-route the data link. Google " VPN, Proxy" and find an IT solution for your visit. You will be able to find static PDF, screen capturing/screen shot images of the websites on world's major social media and video websites.  Get permanent webpage backup in our Dropbox.com space.  Google " Alien Puppy Tenders" for details.

We keep upgrading our web presence on all mirror websites.  New Zealand Police & DOJ websites look LEGITIMATE AND PROFESSIONAL, but they work with local criminals, to steal and rob money, without any concern. Any legal experts around you would tell you they are illegitimate, after they carefully research our websites. So DO NOT judge your business partners, suppliers or clients with their websites, or uniforms.

With time flows, more and more IT contractors will sign the DDE service agreements with us, and we believe their expertise could help New Zealand people and tourists from all over the world fight against crimes committed the commissioner of New Zealand Police and others inside the national system of this country.

Again, All our websites are just a bulletin board of the section of the foreign affairs & international commerce. They are not our DoD, and not our R&D departments, either.  And we are 100% sure the technologies that New Zealand government criminals utilized and purchased with NZ taxpayer sweat money, which's being wasted to keep these national criminals still sticking on their current national administrative positions,  ARE NOT as advanced as what we have. We mention this in here, because these criminals prefer to talk aboutbigger stickmore than laws and justice. For these New Zealand government scums, "bigger stick" entitles Guns, Surveillance, Data Digging & Analysis. Illegal detention and kidnapping. We are working hard, to make sure we are technically and militarily qualified to share the same value with them.

Thank you for visiting AlienPuppyTenders.com / AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com

System Upgrade/Upcoming Mission Notification:

Nov.24th, 2021:                                                    Partial content of DirtyNewZealand.org / DirtyNewZealand.com is being migrated to AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com

Nov.29th, 2021 ~ Dec 3rd, 2021:               DirtyNewZealand.org domain offline

Dec. 8th, 2021:                                                     Our Internet engineering teams are testing Word of Mouth (WOM) mechanism, and the possible combination with Internet marketing program.  Data Analysis Team back online Dec. 15th, 2021

Jan.7th, 2022:                                                       Life Science and  Aerospace & Defense divisions back online, formally added more fascinating research & procurement information with dropbox.com.

Jan.10th, 2022:                                                   program outline and procurement information for Life Science & Aerospace updated in 2 weeks, on DropBox & Vimeo

Jan.11th, 2022:                                                    DirtyNewZealand Global Promotion Campaign Ignited this year. We haven't done any promotion work yet, but  we currently have about 1200 web visitor sessions in average, every day. Very impressive achievement, we know! We'll publish detailed statistics and proof on DropBox for the Public. Google to find out more about the difference between "clicks" and "sessions".

Jan.11th, 2022:                                                    More multimedia web content will be published on our website in 2022. AlienPuppyTenders cooperates with DELL/EMC, Lenovo and Alibaba Inc. for data backup, migration and Cloud application on this Internet ( that you know).

Jan 13th, 2022:                                                   Some AlienPuppy Global Partners questioned our ability of online marketing and promotion. Take New Zealand for example, we believe we can reach each every university student in New Zealand within 10 minutes, at a very low cost.  AlienPuppyTenders Internet Marketing Campaign Ignited in 2022.

Jan 20th, 2022:                                                    All DirtyNewZealand web content was migrated from the old website: DirtyNewZealand.org. Our engineers are working hard to make the web content chaos as readable as it should be, meanwhile, they will publish all the "Dirty" information you would access to on Dropbox. Just give them some time, please.  " Gun Sales in New Zealand" & " Move your NZ business out to a better place" modules are being under construction. They are hiring DDE-Verified job seekers now.

Mar.20th, 2022:                                                AlienPuppyTenders Dropbox space is linked . Go finding useful information on Dropbox. Getting critical information on Alien's Internal databases.