Latest News

04/02/2022:   AlienPuppyTenders® starts global aerospace & defense bidding operations under the new name " AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc." 

                                AlienPuppyTenders does business and build long term friendship with all the international governments, except illegitimate New Zealand government.

04/13/2022: AlienPuppyBrainTinnitusCure® starts clinical trials in southern China. contact AlienPuppyLifeScience® for details.

04/18/2022: AlienPuppyAUS® system tested with NTNU, in Norway.

05/03/2022  Corporate group discussions initiated in Shenzhen, on the topic: " how  high-tech utilization could terminate the miserable fate of 'Illegitimate New Zealand Government'"

05/10/2022:  As of May,10th, 2022, DirtyNewZealand's global partners have reported government crimes to over 2,000 New Zealand Police Officers and 2,500 Ministry of Justice employees over twice.  AlienIntelligence® Automated Crime Report System deployed today, to keep automatically reporting "NZ government employee crimes" to all NZ government employees, dirty Judges, Attorney of General,  NZ Army Force members, NZ University students, NZ prisoner family members, and the public, till the world ends, if these so-called  government agencies keep telling NZ public that in New Zealand, law DOESN'T exist, with the sound of silence. We keep passing "the government messages" to NZ prisoners and their families.

05/12/2022: DirtyNewZealand & KOMO developing self-defense product distribution and after-sale partners in New Zealand.  Community Law Enforcement and Self-Defense Training Ignited.  "Gun & Tactical Gear" Online store under development with &, the both are  world's leading online store solution providers.