Invest & Donate to and by AlienPuppyTenders©

   In our dictionary, Investment is not about "risking your money, while our money is safe".  the Investment is about equal partnership, which means, equal investment, equal risks, equal profits and equal dignity.  We are looking for joint-venture investors, meanwhile, we are also seeking growing startups, which engage in our 7 fields, and need our investments.  By using advanced banking technologies, any expenses, revenues can only be made and processed by all the authorized investors and sponsors at the same time. You might care about money more; we care about reputation and credibility more.  To us, money never is an issue for business. It would mean we should improve our management, if there is any sign showing that we are short of cash flow.

Yes, if you are seeking financial support for your business, you land a right place, as well. Yes, DDE applies to you, but it doesn't mean you will have to lose your deposit, if you fail your business.  As we said, failure is the mother of success. We are not afraid of your failure; DDE protects us and you from making contract " a piece of toilet paper".  We also allow " leverage" exists in DDE for the sake of assisting  to boost your valuable dream, and your actual doing.  We are one of your potential angels.

Earning: 1, High ROI;  2, High citizen safety & national security;  3, High prosperity of your society; 4, High individual dignity, health & Mankind's future.

AlienDDE ©technologies ensure AlienPuppy's business goal is not daydream. AlienDDE© tells "AlienPuppy's beautiful words" are not just "painting a good picture".  We'll have to make it real, or AlienDDE© and our investors will have to make us lose.  We know lots of companies engage in the same industries, this is a very good sign for all of us. Competitors are the best mentors, the best friends and the best partners.

Let your banks or your online escrow service providers contact us, let's sit together to find out how your money/expertise, our expertise/money, our faith, our passion, and most importantly, our global partners, could work together to benefit your business dreams and investment portfolios.