What's Double Deposit Escrow (DDE) About

AlienPuppyTenders® recommends Japan government-offered escrow service for DDE deployment: Easy, Low/Zero Cost, and Trustworthy. From $1,500 to $1 million single transaction, they care about you, not the money amount. Real law, justice, and fairness, ( completely different from fake NZ laws and so-called NZ law enforcement & judges). This is the core reason why Japan can stand at the top of the world. Not all island nations are the same!

Reference: acquisition.gov

It's about:

  • Whoever doesn't honor the contract (drafted, revised, and settled by both parties) PAYS, from ZERO to ALL AMOUNT, defined by contract terms; approved by both parties.

  • Fairtrade, both-party-settled mutual benefit contract; stable & long-term partnership.

  • Effective business, fewer resources waste & more profit. We don't have to spend many resources on background and credit checks. DDE & Real Money help both of us do this effectively. How more effectively than before? The difference is like the gap between Warren Buffett's portfolios in the stock market and your hot dog cart in the street.

It's NOT about:

  • (Equal)Contract amount, or even money itself. We might expect you to deposit $100, or same value assets in escrow, while we deposit $1,500 to enhance your confidence in our cooperation. Assets in custody. Whatever both parties believe is valuable counts. DDE doesn't limit your ROI. DDE doesn't affect your cash flow.

  • Contract term details, long or short, or cooperation method.

  • Take advantage of the other.

The business that gives you long-term stable & impressive profit must be built on some kind of "bonds & security guarantees" between you and your buyer/seller. If you, as a seller, ever had done business with a prestigious fortune 500 company, you could know they request you to provide them some kind of guarantee for your products and/or services, meanwhile, when you can get paid is uncertain, more likely. AlienPuppyTenders is not a company with a "wow" name, so we would pay you upfront in escrow to show a positive attitude to you while requesting you to provide us some kind of guarantee as they do. So far as we know, lots of very great startup companies were dragged into a "bankrupt" situation by lots of Fortune 500 buyers, due to cashflow issues. But we've never heard there is any real seller who was in trouble in a DDE deal.

Blockchain-based DDE(Dual Deposit Escrow) is the future. It will get involved in your daily life, and it will apply to all the business transactions on your planet Earth, even when you just buy a bottle of water in a local grocery. The reasons why the DDE hasn't been utilized in every small aspect of your daily living are #1, your government hasn't issued a crypto version of your local currency yet. #2, Bad people who have gotten used to sucking the blood of the public and the labor force are afraid of DDE. they are trying to kill everything related to DDE because DDE represents " No government crime, No online scam, consumer protection, and fair trade". #3, High-speed wireless communication and computing infrastructure hasn't come yet.

Most likely, you are in a buyer's market, which means your buyer, such as AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com, would take advantage of you in terms of "payment" if you don't apply DDE to deals for protection. DDE can't definitely make your business successful, but it does dramatically increase the chances of making the business successful by utilizing effective risk controls for both parties. In fact, all big companies utilize DDE in/for their deals with others every day, directly or indirectly. Nothing's new. The DDE concept is just what bad business players don't want to see, and what you just never heard of in your plain daily life.

Whoever you are, an online job seeker trying to develop your career with us, or a company that seeks business opportunities with us, DDE applies to you. Contract terms are negotiable, and your conditions and requests are negotiable. Negotiation and discussion make revised contracts and final deals. That's, it makes both parties sign contracts to agree on their own will, to finally build a stable and mutual benefit business relationship. DDE doesn't mean you can get paid only when we get paid. You are not our agent, and you don't earn a commission. Successfully closing deals by honoring contracts you drafted, consented to, and signed on your own, is not related to any financial gain or loss of anybody. In a word, DDE only respects the "contract itself". If both parties agree to your "never-lose-a-dime" clause, then you will never lose a dime when we fulfill this contract. AlienPuppy's deposit in DDE is your machine gun which could shoot back to kill AlienPuppy while being used by you in DDE. And the arbitrator or judge could be either humans and local laws or just unbeatable blockchain technology if bithalo.org/blackhalo.org or any similar DDE app is chosen by both parties.

Internet-based or blockchain-based DDE can be called a " Smart Contract". Google and research it, before reading more content on our website. We do business through both Internet/blockchain-based DDE and physical bank/guarantor/insurer-based DDE( for bigger deals). Business without DDE? Either you should run away ASAP, or the other must, or crime and time-waste would take place sooner or later. DDE is not necessarily needed when you go shopping at your local supermarket.

Failure is allowed/not allowed, it depends on how and what was written or explained in the contract. Everything depends on what's defined and ruled inside the agreement. Failure(not agreement) is the mother of success. It would mean you never did anything valuable if you never failed before.

Why is DDE/Smart Contract a must? visit http://www.DirtyNewZealand.org . Take New Zealand for example. In New Zealand, lots of evidence shows the court is a part of a crime organization. You can experience this when New Zealand local Police commit a crime, and you happened to get involved. Let's assume our slogan is "NZ Police and Judge got our back". So would you trade with us without DDE? No matter how much money you have, the final result could be it's gone to our pocket for no reason. Then what would you think? Illegal? Unfair to you? You will never yield? Send us to prison, or shoot us in the head, if you can. Shut your mouth, if you can't. This is their theory and the Jungle rule they set in their law enforcement work. No exaggeration, this is real in both their thoughts and reality in New Zealand. They have to pretend to be the symbol of law and justice from outside, to keep themselves sit on powerful positions. They would sell their grandmothers if the price is right. So local laws can't protect you; To us, the contract you signed with us could be just a piece of toilet paper. Local government officials, Judges, and Police commit crimes against you. Whoever you are, government inspectors, our employees, partners, suppliers, or clients, you don't want to be a crime victim while being with us, do you? So DDE is the only way for mutual benefits. If we were the illegitimate New Zealand government or its agency, DDE would be unnecessary, because we could use our guns to MAKE you do whatever we request you to do. Dumb laws can do nothing against crimes they committed. Unfortunately( or fortunately), we are not them, and DDE is an insurance of your business.

They are not stealing from us; They are stealing from all the New Zealand people. The only question is WHEN there will be no any resources in New Zealand for them to steal, rob, and abuse. Both Brenton Tarrant (Christchurch Shooter) and mentioned New Zealand police and court judges committed crimes, but the results of all of them are completely different. This is the so-called " law and justice in New Zealand ". What caused this result difference? Brenton Tarrant's gun is too small, and looks unlawful, by comparing to that used by another crime organization, New Zealand Police, and Mr.Tarrant didn't utilize DDE in his "deals" with New Zealand police, whether or not he wanted to see fairness and justice inside the prison he currently stays. (Refer to Huawei Meng Wanzhou case). With DDE, the result would be: either he was released, or he could say hello to his police criminal pals inside. This is about fairness, justice, and law. So do you want to be treated fairly, and lawfully, while dealing with us? If your answer is YES, then we would tell you we want the same. We want friendship and partnership from you.

So DDE makes sure: ONLY those, who have 1000% confidence in their business performance would come to us, who are 1000% financially on standby for purchasing quality products & services in the markets. For example, We hire scientists and researchers. In science and R&D, nobody can guarantee any discovery, any achievements, or work delivery at any time. it's long-term hard work, and it's also the greatest work for mankind. The DDE is to make sure our employees and contractors honor the contracts they signed; the DDE is NOT a force of making them DELIVER what we are expecting ( you tried, but failed, you get our payment and respect). Government criminals in New Zealand make the cost of Kiwis' getting serious jobs and businesses MUCH HIGHER. They don't want all the New Zealand people to make a good decent living. They only want to help their attachments run away from being punished by New Zealand law. So who's the enemy of Kiwis?

Why DDE? Why not COD ( Cash/Pay On Delivery)? If you think for a mid-size program, we set 10,000 milestones, and $100 per milestone, if you believe this is an effective way for ANYONE to engage in any business, call our professors at the University of Chicago. In addition, lots of types of long-term big programs request a warranty for a period of time. COD is not realistic for cross-border, service-trade-oriented businesses.

DDE makes both parties save big on Background checks, risk control, HR, QA, After-sale service, and more fields. No bluffing, no bragging, no setup, no nothing, all the work both parties will have to do is FOR making a mutual benefit business deal, ITSELF.

In a word, we do business with you, through YOUR LOCAL BANKS & LAW FIRMS, based on YOUR LOCAL LAWS. Fair enough? We think so.

Based on mentioned DDE mode, the promise and financial guarantee that we would (or have to) give to you is MORE than what we can receive from you. Being humble and aiming at long-term mutual benefits. Let's grow up together.

The Fact: As your (potential) buyer, most likely, we are richer than you. So the chance we get "damaged & financial loss" by the other party(you)'s violation of the contract is much much more than what could happen to you. We'd love to consider of following your mutual-benefit rules if you can prove you are financially stronger than us.

Reference: 1, Solving the Buyer and Seller’s Dilemma: A Dual-Deposit Escrow Smart Contract for Provably Cheat-Proof Delivery and Payment for a Digital Good without a Trusted Mediator. Click

2, Google " Double Deposit Escrow". You will find out what you want to know. Google to find more info about the difference between Blockchain-based DDE and Bank/Human provided DDE. The key difference is whether or not you trust your/our bank/escrow service provider(humans), or you trust blockchain(technology) MORE. It's like Boeing/Airbus engineers always ask the same question: Machine and Pilot, who should we trust more? The result is they use the BOTH at the same time, to make them correct each other.

3, There are lots of GOOD people and potential business partners in New Zealand. But If you have to do business in New Zealand, AND, if you don't have enough money to make yourself secure enough in New Zealand, when some kind of NZ Police & judge involved crime cases could happen to you, making both parties deposit "not enough money(leverage)" in DDE won't work. Make all possibly involved parties ( you, your business partners, local Police & judges, whoever else inside the illegitimate NZ government) "the world's largest walking claymore mines" to ensure everybody would honor everybody-agreed contracts & New Zealand laws. You prove to them you are a walking claymore mine and make them prove they are the same. In New Zealand, the cost of any business transactions is becoming very high, because there are too many criminals hidden inside the NZ government and NZ courts. Ignore all these, and skip to the next page, if you are a member of the Royal family or a son of some famous/infamous President. Do DDE, if you believe your name could mean "nothing and useless" to NZ government criminals in New Zealand. Watch the "Swordfish" video below to make yourself feel more, before flying into New Zealand. Dealing with the world's most lethal terrorists is way safer than dealing with New Zealand's decent look-alike government employees if you are a decent businessperson. Lots of "terrorist organizations" are being managed by "bad guys", but they don't hurt innocent people and their business partners. Lots of New Zealand police, judges, and government officials are different: they wipe their asses with New Zealand laws and the nation's rule books. they would sell their grandmothers or wives when they believe the price is right. This is not an assumption, this is the conclusion of lots of crime victims in New Zealand. Protect yourself with DDE.

As long as you have capital punishment there is no guarantee that innocent people won't be put to death. -- Paul Simon

Never underestimate the evil of human nature -- Chinese proverb

DDE, Contract, Warranty, and Military: Stick to utilizing these rules appropriately, and these 4 elements build better businesses and a better world for you. Don't believe it? Go ask your government why there are some government agencies and units named departments of commerce, court, consumer protection, and Air Force.

If you lose credibility and reputation, you lose everything, even worse than losing your life. It's simple, without reputation, you can't have "real life". New Zealand and the Kiwi lost their reputation, because of the Dirty NZ Police. DDE(Double Deposit Escrow) makes reputable people work together effectively.

-- AlienPuppyTenders.com | DirtyNewZealand.com |

BANKS utilize the AlienPuppyTenders DDE/AlienDDE© system for their daily transactions.

AlienPuppyTenders : A proposal to adopt the ultimate fraud protection in electronic money using two-party escrow also known as "unbreakable contracts"

Typically in banking and cash deals fraud is so rampant it has caused economic damage. People do not typically trust strangers especially when they are not in the same country. Differences in laws across borders can make trust almost impossible. Escrow is not a solution in many cases as it is costly, slow, prone to collusion and the escrow agent can not determine the truth and must guess. Those things can now be a distant memory thanks to an important recent innovation.

AlienPuppyTenders has been around for many years and quietly has been protecting deals all around the world. This banking industry standard, peer to peer software is so powerful that thieves and liars, such as New Zealand Police and New Zealand Department of Justice, dare not touch it. This is why we feel it should be the standard in banking, contracts and consumer protection. It works using a technique called "double deposit escrow" or "two party escrow". The idea is very simple. Using electronic currency of any kind, including your central bank issued e-currency, both parties put their funds into a joint account simultaneously within the same transaction or asynchronously in a smart contract. The account is then timed to destroy itself. Special provisions can be added in case a party disappears and thus the destruction of the funds can optionally be enforced by the parties themselves. The fact that both parties have something to lose prevents fraud from occurring in the first place. Once both parties are satisfied they may complete or cancel the deal. The use cases are good for preventing wire fraud, theft, logistics scams, high risk deals, international business deals, and scams with day to day consumer products, outsourcing contracts and even barter. For example, lets say one customer is trying to sell a product however they are not sure if they should ship it first or receive payment first. Using this escrow, both parties make a deposit. The buyer also advances the payment. So for example if the person is selling a guitar for 100 dollars, the two parties may deposit up to100 dollars depending on their level of trust. Once the goods arrive it would be illogical to steal the item and default on 200 dollars for an item that is priced at 100 so they complete the deal. If the item came damaged the two parties would discuss between themselves. If they are unreasonable it is natural that they would default on each other as a punishment for being unreasonable. This type of "instant karma" also prevents lawsuits so often associated with customers who at times are stolen from. Since the incentive for theft and deception is removed entirely. This type of system can also be combined with traditional insurance with dramatically reduce premiums because of the contract. It is the perfect escrow system.

The system has been around since 2013 as AlienPuppyTender Bitcoin software and is fully peer to peer and free to use with a full fledged offer and counter-offer system although it is not limited to Bitcoin. It operates on 15 currencies . It was the worlds first "smart contracts" even before Ethereum. It is fully peer to peer, anonymous-capable and trustless. In fact, AlienPuppyTender's global partner was responsible for the first Bitcoin related real estate purchase without escrow in US history. The two parties were from entirely different countries and sold a plot of land for cash using double deposit. This proposal is to widen the scope of this project and to propose it to those who might value consumer protection above all which is banks and industry leaders. Banks typically deal with situations where the consumers are defrauded and offering this escrow option we feel is a great idea to mitigate fraud. Furthermore, banks themselves deal with wire frauds, and if the banking agents had something to lose in the deal they might think twice about attempting it. This proposal is meant to secure one or multiple of the following deals. It may include a paid position, the raising of capital to further develop, assistance in the design or implementation of a new platform, or even the implementation of AlienPuppyTenders or a cryptographic alternative to it in itself. Meanwhile, AlienPuppyTenders is developing much more advanced technologies based on DDE-Concept, Blockchain, and Quantum Communication for the military of world powers. Please give this consideration and if interested contact AlienPuppyTenders at your earliest convenience. The AlienPuppyTender developer feels that this is the type of product that can change the world and has worked for the past 9 years to make it a reality.

Be responsible then you have the right to talk about your right.


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