Make New Zealand National Administrative System Legitimate And Clean

We all know New Zealand public is eager to clean the environments inside New Zealand Police & the Juridical  System. There are lots of crimes committed by all kinds of inside crime organizations, members of which manipulate powers on their governmental & court positions to gain illegal benefits for criminals themselves. They commit crimes against not only New Zealand residents, but also international tourists and business people. Our clients of both New Zealand domestic and international  are seeking help hands from all over the world to uphold New Zealand local laws and make New Zealand government officials, police officers and judges respect justice and local laws, and be clean. This is a billion-dollar-grade greatest undertaking for New Zealand people, international tourists and their next generations.  No NZ individual is capable of making such a big improvement solely and independently.  We always believe industrialization could make this change and bring New Zealand public a real-low-crime-rate society faster and more effectively.  

This procurement program is funded by this dirty New Zealand government, dirty Christchurch District Court AND righteous citizens of New Zealand. 

No kidding, no bluffing, and it's as real as how Rangiora police teamed up with local thieves to commit theft crimes; how  Commissioner of Police, IPCA and Christchurch District Court Judges  intentionally covered their crimes with powers given by New Zealand Public; and how the Chief of  Immigration New Zealand stopped international plaintiffs from appearing court hearing in Auckland, and illegally detained seeking-justice barefoot tourists in  2x2 meter cells for no reasons.  They wouldn't tell you how, but at least one of our corporate members, &, do.  No one would finally believe Brenton Tarrant  hurts  New Zealand and her people more than this dirty New Zealand government does. This is about what BOTH International tourists AND New Zealand local residents think and talk about crime organizations root in the national administrative system of New Zealand.

With several million New Zealand dollars  stage-1 procurement funds, you now have big enough stage to conduct your businesses and uphold New Zealand laws and justice in whatever fields they fool around and commit crimes, from social media marketing to investigation and further, for most of others, for GREAT kiwi public and their next generations, and the future of New Zealand. Your earning, your courage, your faith, New Zealand Laws & Justice,  and  the hearts  and actions of New Zealand public, legitimate & decent NZ government employees, international tourists, governments, and organizations are always on your side. Be silent, or speak out to make a change with what you were taught in kindergarten and school, by your loved parents and teachers, and with your courage and public help, IT'S YOUR CALL.

It's not that we don't do business with New Zealanders. According to New Zealand laws,  New Zealand is currently under management, and is being represented by crime organizations and criminals, in at least three agencies: NZ Police, NZ DoJ, and NZ Immigration. Respect and uphold New Zealand Laws, or Respect crime organizations, this is a serious question for all of us.  The criminals inside NZ government and Court system never worried about the consequence brought by their committed crimes, So what are you worrying about? People is equal. Law is the rule. Maybe you have much bigger pistols to get your back to encourage you do right things, and get yourself all kinds of freedom with our payments. The criminals are enjoying freedom,  so you should be able to have much more.

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.  Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical. Justice is the sum of all moral duty.

Anywhere, anytime ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police.  --    Tony Blair   We provide you very advanced defense products ( call us for details), and Tony Blair show you  the road to make your choice, as a human, a citizen. What else you are worrying about? They knock at your door, and make you and your family disappear completely? They wouldn't be NZ police and NZ Judge to commit crimes, if they have balls, or you can call "the faith" to do so. They have nothing, except waving their mini guns to the homeless, hard workers and foreign tourists. Well, maybe the NZ Army has told them that the NZ military is always on the same side of democratic "criminals", who manage(or abuse) the country by representing the Public.

According to New Zealand law, preventing the Public from accessing to the information of government official(People's Servant) crime is felony.
According to New Zealand law, Ignoring public accusation for years is felony, committed by NZ courts, judges, police officers, and other government employees.
According to New Zealand law, the leaders of NZ Police & NZ Ministry of Justice DO NOT stop government crimes,  DO NOT stop making the public and innocent people lose more and more day by day , and DO NOT start legal actions against dirty judges and police officers, to make the society a fair place is a felony

Upholding NZ laws by working with DirtyNewZealand, complying to NZ laws, and being threatened by NZ police and high rank officials  Vs.  pretending to be blind, away from any possible trouble. this is someone's case, none of my business  -- your call.  You only live once. The more you did for the kiwi Public and the country New Zealand, the more you will be remembered when you are in heaven.

Wherever you go,  remember:
      #1: Do not be afraid of them, they don't own New Zealand, they don't own New Zealand Immigration, Army force and Police, and they are not on the same side with New Zealand law. New Zealand Law is with you, even though "she" can't talk.  All they can represent is just themselves.
     #2:  They are not as powerful as you might imagine. Without these, they can do nothing, they can't even cook a good meal for themselves.
      #3: What? they have guns? Lots of Kiwi patriots and good citizens have more guns. Ask these government criminals: Dare they do anything without support from the Public? Will anybody would help them when it's time to face New Zealand law and the Public?  They can do nothing.
     #4:  In New Zealand, the Laws DO NOT equally apply to all, which means, there's NO REAL LAWS in New Zealand. AlienPuppy is transforming her latest technologies from labs to no law playgrounds, to get dumb NZ laws stand on your side, and protect your interests in New Zealand. It's simple, they dare to hurt one law abiding person, we 'd do 10 times more and bring the results back to their houses. We sign AlienDDE contract with you to protect and secure YOUR EVERYTHING. Our money in escrow is always much much more than yours, which means, we'd take much more responsibilities in your deals with us.

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