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Build Arabian/Japanese/Chinese/French versions of DirtyNewZealand.orgNov. 24th, 2021  Illegitimate NZ government is utilizing their cheap tech to technically blind the Public from accessing to their crime evidence on the Internet, as what DPRK does.  Let us tell you how much Kiwi taxpayers money spent on what technologies they used on blocking " Media Freedom & truth"  Here's the solution.
Given NZ Govn't Criminal Background Check, Investigation & Data Analysis
Marketing & Promotional Campaigns (NZ Schools)Campus Recruit Campaign - U.S. Universities 
Help-NZ-base- business-LEAVE Program/Help Talents Leave NZ  (COO, BPO, Total Solution Provider)
When the whole nation's law enforcement and Judicial system is down, or being abused, what will/can you do?
SEO Social Media Marketing
 DirtyNewZealand YouTube Presence & Video Commercial
 Marketing & Promotional Campaigns (NZ police families)
Marketing & Promotional Campaigns (foreign institutions in NZ)Marketing & Promotional Campaigns (foreign and local companies NZ)
Law & Justice Promotional Campaigns ( NZ prisoners and their families)
 File lawsuits, legal support in 23 countries
 "You Can Always Find Better BIZ Partners Outside of NZ" Program
Why not move to the U.S. Canada, Au, UK, or even to an Asian country?
Labors, Talents, Low Cost Transportation, Low Tax, Clean Government, Low Crime Rate, & Justice, NZ doesn't have ALL of THESE. Sheep, Blue Sky & Splendorous Mountains everywhere on Earth.
 Fortune-500-Grade Multi-Media Web Presence Remake (AlienPuppyTenders)
 DirtyNZ Marketing & Promotion in E Asia, SE Asia, India  &  Australia
 NZ law  & Judge Committed Crime Case Education (NZ Gangs, Prisoners & their families)
 Defense Product & Service Support for against Criminals & Crime Organizations inside NZ Government, Police, Court and DoJ- 2 Million dollars Budget For Phase 1 , Call us to get our bank saving certificate and bank issued business budget proof -  Click
FOR KIWIS, NZ RESIDENTS & TOURISTS. this service is provided by both AlienPuppy and Her global partners. We are different from NZ police & NZ DoJ. We obey NZ laws, and we only provide defense products to licensed personnel and those who NZ laws authorize to conduct self-defense. -Cilck for details
 Evaluation of the national and listed corporate & individual victim loss brought by mentioned crime organizations and Individuals of NZ , Since the day 1 they risked everything of the nation for their personal UNLAWFUL gains (Aug. 27th, 2021 ~ Aug 26, 2022).
 we are updating the program info. Please email/call us for details and budget info, if you are verified contractors (DDE ready). For all non-verified contractors, please let your banks contact us, or show us your hired online DDE-Supported escrow proof. Whatever you are good at, whatever you believe can achieve for upholding NZ laws and justice, and taking inside-NZ-government/Judge-criminals down by working with dumb but strong NZ laws and Justice, just call to let us know how much you need and what else you want us to prepare you for.  Making MUCH MUCH MORE clean money is way better than earning dirty salary, as a dirty NZ police and judge.  Thousands of them wouldn't care about taking dirty salary, then why would you be concerned with making justice and clean earning?  Learn more about " No Fear Act", and we support Anonymous & Standard DDEs.
 the minimum single contract amount for any NZ program is over USD 20,000, ( the ceiling is USD 1 Million)  and we don't do NZ business with the inexperienced and "losers" ( excuse us). And our banks ( the world's largest banks) and lawyers  CALL YOU.
 Criminals always try to hide, so we'd have to hire investigation services and do some hard work by ourselves.  Andrew Coster doesn't have to abuse " New Zealand People's names" to splurge taxpayers money on this (NZGOV-Criminal-Self-Protection Scheme). for whatever they want to know about us, just contact us directly. WE DO NOT HIDE.
 Corporate Communication with NZ related importers/exporters  -- Our Budget: USD 20,000 . If NZ Public chose criminals to manage the country and to break NZ laws, NZ public pays.
Anonymous DDE contracts apply to All the programs listed on this page.
 Kidnapping Business the mentioned criminals conducted and Global Equal Business Opportunity Research -- Our budget: up to USD 0.5 Millions (Phase I). Ask us for budget proof and the DDE arrangement.
 Thesis writing program: Xinjiang Cotton Vs. Made In New Zealand: Why keep buying from NZ to keep supporting illegitimate NZ government & crimes they commit? You are not a victim in NZ?  You are not a victim in Xinjiang, either.  Budget: $150
Letter to Andrews, of th e chief of NZ DoJ and NZ Police ( Click to read)
 Help Dirty NZ Government Get 5% Annual Reduction of GDP, Every Year, Till the Criminals left the National  Administration - Program Budget: NZD 1 Million phase 1
 Bounty Hunter Program ( 2021, 2022, 2023)