DirtyNewZealand, a website that dirty New Zealand government doesn't Want You to visit & research.

DirtyNewZealand, We Use the Same Tool to Make New Zealand Police, Judge, Politician and Government Employee CLEAN & LEGITIMATE. 

Whatever NZ government criminals have, We have more. Getting them to manage NZ with law and justice is the biggest joke in New Zealand history. It's show time now. Let's see how they insulted NZ laws and the intelligence of the public.

To: New Zealand government & judge criminals ( see the "most wanted" page): Wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever you are, you should know both our partners and we have "leverage" in your "illegally temporarily controlled" area,  Committing crimes on us,  our partners or NZ public may make yourself lose much more, even losing your lives. You are not as safe as you previously believed. Most Kiwi victims of NZ government and judge crimes are your slaves, they still believe you are "immune","untouchable", but we are not.New Zealand law and peaceful kiwis can't talk at illegitimate NZ court to bring justice to you, but our technologies and money can, and they will. Suggestions to you all: buy more guns from your local gangs, hide in your basements, and then pray. It's simple: we don't care why you would be the heroes of the kiwi trash. If you don't send corrupt cops and judges to real NZ court and cell in front of the public, the world's most powerful private organizations will have to send you to hell in front of the public. Real Time, SatCom Feed on their Youtube/or their own channels.

DirtyNewZealand, tells you about the old New Zealand, and builds you a New New Zealand!

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In New Zealand, we don't call NZ Police, we don't pursue justice at court, because they are just crime organizations NZ people is fighting against. 

NZ Police & Judges dared to commit felonies without hesitation, just because their targets DO NOT have GUNS!! Guns create crimes? We'd say imbalance creates crimes. What created imbalance? Bad NZ cops and judges carry guns, while you don't have.  If you call serial killer a PSYCHO,  Think about what NZ government criminals think when they commit crimes: "you can't even touch me, for whatever I do. we are immune". We believe this is another PSYCHO sign that fake NZ media wouldn't tell you.  Do they deserve " execution", when law and justice are long gone in NZ judicial system? Let the Public's inner voice say, and our global partners make the arrangements. If executing them can make NZ crime rate drop to almost ZERO, would you do that for your family and next generation? If sacrificing a few government criminals(see the " most wanted" page) can make 5 millions Kiwis live in a real peaceful environment for decades, would you join our global partners to do the cleaning work? Collateral damages always exist when you serve the Public. Whatever you do.  Their asses & justice belong to New Zealand Public, belong to those, who they believe own guns, which are powerful and lethal enough to tell NZ government criminals: " If you intentionally break NZ laws, to work with other criminals to commit crimes on Maori people or international tourists,who seems carrying no guns   , you die."  New Zealand laws, not your all talk laws; Alien Puppy, not your all talk puppy. Sending police, judge and government criminals to real court IS YOUR LEGAL OBLIGATION, if you work for so-called NZ Police, or Ministry of Justice of NZ.

In America, if you don't have guns, bad guys rob you; In New Zealand, if you don't have guns, NZ Police & Judge help local robbers kidnap and rob you. In New Zealand, any of your property without GUN protection is your garbage.  This is the solid-proven difference between the States and New Zealand.

In New Zealand, No one, and nothing but "GUN" , only "GUN" can give you, (anyone, including New Zealand prisoners) Human Dignity, Fairness, Justice & Law. If you haven't encountered any government crimes in New Zealand, it'd mean:

1, You look cute; or 2 You are white, You are not a Maori, not a Muslim, or not an International tourist; or 3 You have guns, and government criminals know that; or 4, you are lucky, you didn't get involved in Police crimes.  In New Zealand,  government criminals commit crimes to the Minority is a systematic issue, and it's not a few bad cops could "achieve". If you believe you are a nobody, who just pursue a fair & peaceful life, it's time to leave NZ now, for better pay, and for a real clean & safe social environment, without fake NZ media surroundings.

The following is what's already happened to lots of foreign tourists, when they dealt with NZ police and judge. This is also what will bounce back to bad cops and judges in New Zealand (systematic issue, not an individual issue. 100% the same as what happened in Rangiora Police Station, NZ Police HQ and local courts. Bomb all of them?  When the whole government & Judicial system are down, WHAT ELSE can you do? This is an option for NZ public. "What a bunch of asshole". This country became sick. In New Zealand, if you don't have absolute power, you(a somebody, not a nobody) won't be able to eliminate the root of all the crimes:  NZ government crime ).

JOIN US, if you believe this is real and convinced. ASK US, if you need more evidence. New Zealand Public know there is no word " evidence" in this dirty government's dictionary.  That's why you should join us, if you would support NZ public.