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At the time the New Zealand police, the INZ and the CHCH judges were caught in common crimes, the Kiwi public and the fake New Zealand media were "kindly and quietly defeated" by the people in most other countries. The bottom line must be "this country is hopeless". The illegitimate New Zealand government and administration team have lost the trust and support of the people, with or without this website. Dismissing a few nobodies, like Kris Faafoi, cannot hide the fact and cannot stop it: New Zealand is down with systemic crime and government corruption. It's all just a "stage show" with no real law abiding actions and legal punishment. The Father of New Zealand (if there is one) made the New Zealand Constitution a "rule book for all", not a fictional novel for web browsers. One of our friends is a nobody, just a drug dealer. Now he's in jail. Can he be released by tomorrow morning if his employer tells the judge he was just fired, effective immediately? This is another Kiwi drug dealer vs Kiwi government criminal story. Gangs should absolutely exist and grow up in New Zealand. You see they stole and robbed (in our case New Zealand cops, judges and government employees did the same, even worse, including kidnapping), we see they (gangs) stopped police and judge crimes and more directly and indirectly, and government crime did much more damage to this country. We're 100% sure that in New Zealand, where there is no law, killing one of the "most wanted government fugitives" on the street, as happened in Auckland, can lead to the zero of all government crimes by tomorrow morning, and the zero or almost zero could last for at least 5 to 10 years. The brainwashed public cannot realize how much potential harm and deaths could be "saved" by this type of "law enforcement" action when there is no law for "all people" in New Zealand.Yes, you're right. You can probably still be alive or wealthy in 5 years just because some dirty cop or judge gets killed by someone today. Who should you thank every day? In theory, this type of "law enforcement action" must be allowed by both God and the law if New Zealand government and court criminals see "the law" like a fictional novel on their bookshelf. When we realized that they were reading novels every day and we were being cheated with lawsuit fees, our consumption habits changed. Now we'd rather spend NZD 500,000 buying self-defense gear for gangs and personal information on "most wanted" fugitives than be cheated out of another $50 "stupid tax" by the New Zealand judiciary and government. And we're damn sure that many "Mr. Tarrants of bad NZ cops and judges" will show up to spend their money, energy and time on righteous actions for the public.

Affidavit, Oath, Law, Justice, Obstruction of justice, Kidnapping,& Criminal conspiracy: These are what NZ Police & Judges are afraid of talking about when they are caught committing felonies. Keep silent, and they could continue to fool around, hurt New Zealand society, and waste taxpayers' money for personal gain. In New Zealand, if you don't have guns when you coincidentally encounter them in police/judge-crime cases, then you must be completely "fcuked up" or die. Lots of evidence showed in New Zealand, this is a very serious systematic issue, not an individual issue. So New Zealand people and foreign tourists need guns; New Zealand Public needs hunters to uphold law and justice. We take full legal & military responsibility for everything you see on our website. Interestingly, everybody inside the illegitimate NZ government is deaf and blind right now. None of them would dare to do anything against the fightback of New Zealand law and ours. We'd keep arming the New Zealand public, especially the Maori communities, with all the possible self-defense products they are capable of operating with the knowledge they master, to fight for their racial rights and fairness against these government criminals. These NZ government criminals are still dreaming. They still think the crime victims are lambs like all the others they fucked before. They still believe Asians, Indians, and Muslims are the same as the silent Maori. They(see "most wanted" page) still have no ideas what could happen to them, if they still stand in front of bad cops and judges, if they still insult New Zealand law, justice, and the intelligence of New Zealand people. A son of bitch, also "an NZ Public's Enemy" named " Kris Faafoi", who is currently busy looking for another decent, or indecent job to feed his kids, was taken down by the Public ( with the help of Kiwi own law enforcement power. Not powerful enough though, Kris Faafoi is a felon. Of course, if a felon can still look for a new job on the street, spending dirty money to feed kids, so could lots of others. Everybody is interested in this thing: who would hire or do business with NZ government felons, who are not capable of providing any valuable product or service to society, but fools, hurt, and crimes ), so who would like to be next? Go ask Andrew Coster. The New Zealand public can take down any of these criminals, politically, officially, or physically, mentally. Our partners didn't take down the whole crime system inside the illegitimate NZ government, for the sake of avoiding possibly massive collateral damage. So they are still sleeping and dreaming, as a part of "National administrative terrorism", which treats the New Zealand public as "their shields, their slaves" to hardly survive and continue to fool around in New Zealand. They always confuse "NZ public, including millions of Maori's kindness" with weakness. These illegal NZ cops, judges, and national leaders always think they have full-auto rifles under the name & mis-authorization of the Public, which the Public doesn't possess anymore. If you are a young kiwi, research our website, and our experiences, and join gangs to protect yourself with guns and real power, when the whole law and judicial systems are down for "nobodies" in the Public, like you. Just ask yourself this question: A dear friend sold drugs, and he's in jail now; Lots of NZ government employees committed felonies, and they are very much O.K. year after year. Why? Drug sale Vs. Felony. It looks like "felony" can always win in New Zealand. The funniest thing that happened in New Zealand is that we always encouraged these "most wanted fugitives" and the New Zealand Ministry of Justice to make a choice: "Law, Justice, Fairness" or "battlefield", all of them chose " neither" :). These national administrators would have to keep silent, even when their families were insulted by others. So the coolest thing you can find in New Zealand is the Ministry of Justice of New Zealand guides everybody to insult New Zealand law. We've been wondering for years: how could the New Zealand public choose these retards (criminals) to manage this country, even in the 21st century, a global era?

We also have a message for all the international governments and related persons around the world: We'd love to be your friends, we'd love to do business with you, and to grow up with you together. We unconditionally respect & obey your local laws, legal orders, and fair and judicial decisions. We support your local law enforcement agencies and your national defense system. This is an imperfect world. Unfortunately, in some countries, lots of government employees and judges are as evil as serial killers ( see Mel Gibson's movie " Ransom" for details). So whoever they are, Americans, Australians, English, Russians. Chinese.. one thing we are 100% sure of is our technologies and military capabilities can ERASE bad guys and key persons around them from Planet Earth, without hesitation and mercy. Don't MIS-UNDERESTIMATE AlienPuppy's Big Data Analysis technologies, and our global partners' global reach and precision strike capabilities. Our management team members travel around the world. If you doubt what you heard here, try them. Contact us or contact the Dirty New Zealand police, if you need more information about us. We protect our partners and ourselves with 4 types of self-defense weapons: 1 DDE; 2 Contracts; 3 Warranties; and 4 Private-owned Military Organizations. In New Zealand, we didn't utilize 1 & 4, that's the reason why dirty NZ cops and judges dared to commit crimes against us. Bad government employees should better visit the Ex-Minister of INZ, and MoJ of New Zealand, the fucking Faafoi before they determine to start the war. We've learned: In a country like New Zealand, when you deal with local government, if you showed any mercy and love to them, "you'd die painfully, without help." If you contact us by representing a government, we'd love to let you know who is in our business, when, and from where, to enter your administrative region. We'd love to send you all the related travel info, from passport info, and bio-metrics, to airline or vehicles schedule. We'd give you a 1 million dollar reward, if any POSSIBLE inside-your-government criminals/terrorists could successfully make trouble for your government and your people, through "handling us", for their "private" purposes on the New Zealand case.

DirtyNewZealand is a website that the dirty New Zealand government doesn't Want You to visit & research.

DirtyNewZealand, We Use the Same Tool to Make New Zealand Police, Judge, Politician, and Government Employees CLEAN & LEGITIMATE.

Whatever NZ government criminals have, We have more. Getting them to manage NZ with law and justice is the biggest joke in New Zealand's history. It's the showtime now. Let's see how they insulted NZ laws and the intelligence of the public.

To: New Zealand government & judge criminals ( see the "most wanted" page):

It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages. International tourists and the New Zealand public are your customers. DO NOT make more government crime victims with your dirty hands and minds.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, whoever you are, you should know both our partners and we have "leverage" in your "illegally temporarily controlled" area, Committing crimes against us, our partners, or the NZ public may make yourself lose much more, even losing your lives. You are not as safe as you previously believed. Most Kiwi victims of the NZ government and judge crimes are your slaves, they still believe you are "immune", and "untouchable", but we are not. New Zealand law and peaceful kiwis can't talk at illegitimate NZ court to bring justice to you, but our technologies and money can, and they will. Suggestions to you all: buy more guns from your local gangs, hide in your basements, and then pray. It's simple: we don't care why you would be the heroes of the kiwi trash. If you don't send corrupt cops and judges to real NZ courts and cells in front of the public, the world's most powerful private organizations will have to send you to hell in front of the public. Real-Time, SatCom Feed on their Youtube/or their channels.

DirtyNewZealand, tells you about the old New Zealand, and builds you a New New Zealand!

NZ Police & Judges dared to commit felonies without hesitation, just because their targets DO NOT have GUNS!! Do guns create crimes? We'd say imbalance creates crimes. What created imbalance? Bad NZ cops and judges carry guns, while you don't have them. If you call a serial killer a PSYCHO, Think about what NZ government criminals think when they commit crimes: "you can't even touch me, for whatever I do. we are immune". We believe this is another PSYCHO sign that fake NZ media wouldn't tell you. Do they deserve " execution", when law and justice are long gone in NZ judicial system? Let the Public's inner voice tell, and our global partners make the arrangements. If executing them can make the NZ crime rate drop to almost ZERO, would you do that for your family and the next generation? If sacrificing a few government criminals(see the " most wanted" page) can make 5 million Kiwis live in a peaceful environment for decades, would you join our global partners to do the cleaning work? Collateral damages always exist when you serve the Public. Whatever you do. Their asses & justice belong to New Zealand Public. New Zealand laws, not your all-talk laws; Alien Puppy, not your all-talk puppy. Sending police, judge, and government criminals to real court IS YOUR LEGAL OBLIGATION if you work for the so-called NZ Police or Ministry of Justice of NZ.

In America, if you don't have guns, bad guys rob you; In New Zealand, if you don't have guns, NZ Police & Judge help local robbers kidnap and rob you. In New Zealand, any of your property without GUN protection is your garbage. This is the solid-proven difference between the States and New Zealand.

In New Zealand, No one, and nothing but "GUN", only "GUN" can give you, (anyone, including New Zealand prisoners) Human Dignity, Fairness, Justice & Law. If you haven't encountered any government crimes in New Zealand, it'd mean:

1, You look cute; or 2 You are white, You are not a Maori, not a Muslim, or not an International tourist; or 3 You have guns, and government criminals know that; or 4, you are lucky, you didn't get involved in Police crimes. In New Zealand, government criminals committing crimes against the Minority is a systematic issue, and it's not what a few bad cops could "achieve". If you believe you are a nobody, who just pursue a fair & peaceful life, it's time to leave NZ now, for better pay, and a real clean & safe social environment, without fake NZ media surroundings.

The following is what's already happened to lots of foreign tourists when they dealt with NZ police and judge. This is also what will bounce back to bad cops and judges in New Zealand (a systematic issue, not an individual issue. 100% the same as what happened in Rangiora Police Station, NZ Police HQ, and local courts. Bomb all of them? When the whole government & Judicial system are down, WHAT ELSE can you do? This is an option for the NZ public. "What a bunch of asshole". This country became sick. In New Zealand, if you don't have absolute power, you(a somebody, not a nobody) won't be able to eliminate the root of all the crimes: NZ government crime ).

JOIN US, if you believe this is real and convinced. ASK US, if you need more evidence. New Zealand Public knows there is no word " evidence" in this dirty government's dictionary. That's why you should join us if you would support the NZ public.

Nobody inside the NZ government would dare to commit crimes like this when they are sure their families and themselves could be erased if they did it. They know NZ law won't punish them, but guns could. This is a reason why we encourage young kiwis to join gangs to protect and uphold their rights in NZ. You'd better ask the so-called chiefs of NZ police, INZ, and Ministry of Injustice, how many of "their" employees have quit their dirty jobs for dirty NZ in 2021 and 2022, and counting. Their payroll is nothing different from drug money allocation. In New Zealand, the more dirty cops and judges sit in the positions, the more this illegitimate government plays illegally, and the more chance they could be erased on the street any time, like in Auckland, in 2020. Young and righteous kiwis are awakening. They've started forming their organizations to fight against the root of crime, in their ways. All they need for now is just a chance and self-defense weapons, which will work when dirty NZ government employees and judges don't want the law to talk; when their brothers and sisters "painfully serve" in prison or heaven, meanwhile lots of (ex)government employee criminals, such as Kris Faafoi, and Andrew Coster, dirty CHCH judges, and "unbeatable" Rangiora police can still "operate" their beautiful lives with their job titles and power gained by scamming the public. This is not fair, not lawful, and not judicial in any country. Believe it or not, lots of law experts would tell(whisper) you in New Zealand, only "gangs" can save this country. Well, the dirty NZ government might call them "gangs", but Lots of kiwis call them "heroes". It's like, lots of people, including us and legal evidence, call the dirty NZ government and NZ court "a criminal organization". New Zealand people would have to believe in full auto rifles, grenades, and RPGs, when their constitutional belief is breaking down, by following the fall of national justice and effective administration. This is not a fictional novel, this is as real as dirty cops were removed on the street in New Zealand. What? very few? just an "occasional" case? As the evidence shows, in NZ, government crime is not an individual issue, but a systematic issue. It's just because the " Too nice, too reserved, too slave, and too blind" NZ public made the number of "dirty officers" and " dirty judges" SMALL. So don't be Brenton Tarrant, and don't shoot innocent people in NZ. Shoot the government and judge criminals for the People, and for the Country, when you are 1000% sure the whole judicial system has been down. Ask us for enough proof support, whenever you want. When you doubt if you are breaking the law, think of the fact: lots of government employees in NZ, such as Andrew Coster & Kris Faafoi have committed felonies much earlier than you'll probably do, nothing happened to them! Unless you believe you are cheaper...... you know what you should do to bring justice and fairness to yourself first. The more you do for now, the less your next generation could suffer in the future, if they still live in New Zealand, under the management of government criminals.

The only difference between stealing on the street and stealing in the stock market is the suspect outfit(such as an impressive police/judge uniform), and the size of the damage.

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