• Prove you are DDE-ready. Or, Let Your Bank, Insurer, or Escrow Service Provider Contact Us

    From your local financial institution, private surety service company, to Internet-based escrow, or "blockchain smart contract" providers(such as bithalo.org), whoever provides insurance, a letter of credit, performance bond, or escrow service to you. Show us you are with them, before we call you.
    Approved Escrow Service Provider List

How should your escrow service providers(not you) contact us?

DDE($1500~$1 million) mattersSo make them get in contact with us, before submitting your proposal or application. Your financial service providers, or your business guarantors may know more about you than we do. And they would do their jobs to help you do business with us, effectively, professionally and profitably. It's simple: if you have $1500, and are DDE-ready, we could operate science and/or business activities, to grow up together. $300 discount on minimum DDE amount for those, who tell NZ government they are illegitimate. According to New Zealand law, New Zealand public and crime victims have rights to take real law enforcement actions to send them to jail, or hell, if they insist on preferring the latter.  DDE & Smart Contract are the game changer and the future for the world. In the near future, these New Zealand scumbags can't survive anyway, so why not help them make it quick?

Note: 1, DDE is not required to international (governments) buyers, who would do business with AlienPuppy-DirtyNewZealand Inc ( the Seller/the Bidder). Read " Aerospace & Defense" page for details.

              2, You might not be required to proceed DDE, if your brokers, or Alien Purchasing Agents(APA) take the DDE responsibilities for you. Please confirm with them, before you proceed any with us, directly.

Non-DDE-Brokerage is ALWAYS welcomed. Get DDE-ready suppliers contact us, make them deal with us, and you earn big commission.

About "Contact Us":1, we are trying to make an effective business; 2, we believe our time is MORE EXPENSIVE than yours; 3, Our procurement managers speak YOUR languages.  If you are DDE- ready,  wasting your resources is SIN. Your work is more important than our money and our lives. If our managers do anything wrong to you, PLEASE share your complaints with us at complaints # AlienPuppyTenders .  we'd shut down our business, if our solutions and further actions can't make you satisfied. Thank you for joining us, to help our business.

Please view "Approved Escrow Service Provider List" before making them contact us for you. OR, you may write to us directly with your selected AUTHORIZED Internet/Blockchain Escrow/smart contract provider information ATTACHED (Google & research " smart contract"). DO NOT waste YOUR time on US, if you are not DDE-ready. We are upgrading AlienPuppyTenders Program Publication System. Please ask for details in emails,  for available programs that you believe you fit.  We are DDE(smart contract)-based, and you may contact us, whenever you believe you can prove that you are DDE-ready.

We DO NOT mind to comply to your conditions; We/you DO mind you/we don't honor contracts that you/we drafted and signed for and consented. Digital DDE/smart contract will be the only way in business world.  Research " China's digital yuan".

The DirtyNewZealand Program tells us anything is possible to happen to ANYONE, including those mentioned criminals hidden inside New Zealand national administrative system and the NZ public , without DDE protection. The difference is we manage very long supply chain, so we can't afford any "surprise". Business failure is not surprise for us, if we can foresee "it might happen" in the contract you signed for.

Equal Business & Employment matters. The only goal is to create values to each other, and nothing else. As a buyer, pay you right, on time is one and the only main value that we could create for you.  The world's largest banks, blockchain-based DDE service providers, or your TRUSTED local banks would speak to you, for us, upon your request.

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do. So if at first you don't succeed, find out if the loser gets anything.  And never forget "A good reputation is more valuable than money."   On AlienPuppyTenders, No Bullshit, No Time Waste, and No Cool Web Presence. The only things we can give to you are :




and DDE ( Dual Deposit Escrow/Smart Contract) can meet all the requirements and conditions (ALL THE REQUIREMENTS & CONDITIONS)  we both have for EACH OTHER. Effective business create values, EFFECTIVELY. The only question is " Do you know what you want? And Are you professional & experienced enough to get what you want in the market? "

You are wasting your precious time on us, if you don't understand what LIFE, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, LAW, FAIRNESS, HUMAN SOUL & DIGNITY means to Homo sapiens. Watch these movies, before having your "smart contract" guarantor contact us:

1, "The banker" (2020) , starring Samuel Jackson. This movie tells you how you should do business with us.

2, "Swordfish", starring John Travolta. Both this movie and NZ police & judge tell NZ prisoners, " if you are still boxed in jail, you are NOBODY. you need support from NZ law, Justice, AlienPuppyTenders & KOMO ."    NZ police & judge criminals could still fool around anywhere outside of jails in NZ, like before. Sadly, you can't, the only reason is " you are nobody, and you don't know how to cooperate with others, seamlessly and effectively".

3, "Law Abiding Citizen", starring Gerard Butler. This movie tells you about "law" , " Justice",  "human soul" and "eye for eye".  Want to find solutions for the Public? Want to get paid for doing what you love to do?  Work with us.

What to proceed after your initial contact with us:

Step 1: Research "smart contract", "blockchain" , and " Dual Deposit Escrow" on the Internet, such as:  on the IBM website.   Verify DDE of each other; We know you don't want to finally realize that we would love to buy your $100,000  products, but we only have $10 in hands. Wasting your/our time is SIN.  Fortunately, the DDE is a sin killer for both sides.  We introduce you our programs very specifically, after we know the fields of your expertise.  You'd never know we also hire labors for walking dogs, if you are not a DDE-ready applicant. The information you may collect on our website is very little, but you still can tell our business goals and needs. So your business proposal to us shouldn't leave the cores too far, before our business meeting initiatives. 

Step 2: Not interested? Leave with " Just Made a Friend with AlienPuppy" satisfaction. Very interested? O.K.  If our programs are attractive to you, you may make a proposal video(shorter than 15 minutes)/document, which, or final version of which,  could be FORMALLY used and seen as a part of our contract. Screen capturing video or pure product/service introduction and explanation video is  acceptable. ( We need it in both writings and videos). We are 100% sure we have jobs or business opportunities you are good at, if you exactly are whom you claim you are.

Step 3:  Technical analysis and negotiation: Draft contract and settle AlienDDE© contract terms with us and DDE service providers.  You write your rules in contract, and we'd love to follow. AlienDDE© contracting APP and/or our provided AlienDDE© equipment might be utilized. AlienHardware® is not necessarily needed for unclassified contract.

Step 4:  Start our cooperation. Again, no matter what, cooperating with us won't make you lose even a cent. Dishonoring contracts you signed for/you consent will make both of us lose both time and money.

Note:  You can't get our response, and your message will be automatically deleted,  if there's no sign of proving you are DDE-ready/You would work on DDE with us, in your first contact with us. You visit our website, because you are expecting business opportunities with us, and vice versa. But if you can't be aware of what we want, of what you can provide to us for exchange of payment from us, if you can't see our business through, if you can't figure out very specific business needs of ours, if you can't send us your K.I.S.S  effective  proposal, including details of your quote,  in writing, and/or demo videos, both of us are not qualified to do business and grow up with each other. that's, you are wasting your time on us. To us, wasting your time and making you leave with empty pocket are SIN.

A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. The more failures you "achieved" in front of/with us, for more short and long life-circle AlienPuppy programs,  the more financial rewards, trust & friendship you can be awarded by us, the more successes you could expect coming in the near future.

Clear is Kind; Unclear is Unkind.

                                                                                           AlienPuppy, Not Your Average Puppy!

Available to qualified suppliers and their banks

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Available to qualified suppliers and their banks

AlienPuppyTenders.com Mail Server is in Russia;  AlienPuppyTendersHawaii.com Mail server in the U.S. & India. Pick your preferred channel to reach us. We are not legally responsible of any email communication with you, to/from the official email addresses of AlienPuppyTenders above.  The emails from non-official email addresses of AlienPuppyTenders may be sent by our global partners and/or some unidentified individuals, such as the criminals hidden inside the illegitimate New Zealand government.  All of them are adults over 21 years old, and "Viewer discretion is advised" may not apply to them.

All your communication with us, including personal email messages, on the Internet (that you know) is available to Public and legitimate governments.

DO NOT send any confidential data to us on this Internet.  We only take encrypted transmission, generated with our provided OS systems of both hardware and software, on both or multiple authorized ends,  through AES DoD 1024, Blockchain III, military data link & future quantum communication.

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