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For people who make, receive, and manage "Alien Puppy" industrial awards.
"Alien Puppy Tenders",  to be your VALUABLE partner; to protect those who protect us.

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View procurement notices from "Alien Puppy Tenders" contracting offices to find opportunities to bid for "Alien Puppy Member"'s business. These include pre-solicitation notices, solicitation notices, award notices and sole source notices. Manage your searches and track notices by creating an account.

Business Assistance

We'd love to help your business grow with "Alien Puppy Tenders". From $1,500 to $1 million, from broke high school student to fortune 500, WE DO. Business is about friendship, partnership, long-term and faith on each other. We'd love to help your business, because we believe we share a same value:

                                                          " business & hard smart work can achieve anything. "


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. "  ---   Benjamin Franklin

"Alien Puppy Tenders" would get you involved, to master knowledge and skills that your technologies, procurement and sales need in all "AlienPuppyTender"'s SEVEN industries.

AlienPuppy, Not Your Average Puppy!

Service Classifications and Industries

AlienPuppyTenders serves suppliers and customers in these 7 industries, because we always believe you could combine complementary technology offerings and world-class engineering teams to deliver innovative solutions to help our partners, or us, keep people safe and make the world a better place. Free trade and International Cooperation is about " EQUAL PARTNERSHIP". "One begs the other for business" doesn't exist inside the genes of both yours and ours. You'd have to choose "AlienPuppyTenders", if we are the most competitive & irreplaceable on your global supplier or buyer list, and vice versa.

We Protect Those Who Actually Protect Us.

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  Search by keyword, solicitation ID, or Alien Puppy Member(APM) name. Use filters to narrow your results.  Accounts are not required to view contract opportunities. Create an account to save searches, add your business to an opportunity's Interested APM List, and receive automatic updates when opportunities change. 
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